This domain was the offical site until 5-14-2016. But now the Board ended any teamwork intentionally and closed all fundings for hosting and domain maintenance. The Board tried to enforce an unfriendly takeover of the domain and the code (what we declined as legal owners). We are now happy to maintain this site by ourselfs.

Indian Springs subdivision, as of today, is a place in disrepair. Therefore this website contains important facts (see example links below) the existing Board will never tell you as an owner because life as Board Member is always easier by fraternizing with the culprits (in this case with the violators of the covenants and bylaws, and even State Laws). They try to hide the truth by harassing us, gossiping around about us in the entire community and calling us names we can't tell you in the internet instead of doing their tasks as an elected Board Member. Actually decent board members should keep complaints confidental!! (one board member does so).
And, as a result, the few who are in compliance with all laws, have a hard time and will lose a lot of money when selling their home in the future. We had to invest a lot of money in an operational well, in a proper sewer, in a home compliant with the law (with all the permits, inspections,etc).

At the yearly ISLOA meeting of 2006 (not 2016) it was decided to create a nice, useful webpage for the benefit of all land owners. Creation and maintainance (all voluntary) of the webpage was without any complications for 10 years(!) until one/some Board Member(s) tried this unfriendly takeover.
So, acknowledge, that this webpage is totally separated from the Indian Springs Association and is maintained as a private site.

The reason to do so is that we are very concerned Indian Springs property owners. Our main concern are house and property values, health issues, illegal housing/littering and cleanup/removal of abandoned, dilapidated or burned down properties.

This link will take you to the official Indian Springs Association Website as it was before 5-14-2016.
We received this "Thank You" card from ex-president George Herman.
But all names, contact forms and reports of the Road Commitee had been removed as of a request from the Board.
Thank you